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Donnerstag 12. Nov 2015
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Dear Family,
My Name is Caryl and I would like to apply for the position of AU Pair to your family. I have been in Hong Kong and worked there as domestic helper and I'am very sure I can perform the tasks you will give me. I can cook, clean the house, do the dishes, laundry machine or hand wash, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, changing bed linens and pillow case and curtain as well. I'am still single no child of my own and I'am 25 years old. 
I'am presently working as nanny of nice family here in Poblacion Antique, Philippines.

Here is 11 things you might want to know about me. In case you need to interview me please just let me know.
1. I stay in Hong Kong for 2 years and I finished my contract, its a Chinese family and they have 2 kids 4 and 6 years old. The apartment has 2 rooms with kitchen and dining area, living room and bathrooms. I have no problem in cleaning big or small rooms.
2. My cleaning is expertise I can say is great! I love to clean particularly the rooms since its the place where we sleep, next is the kitchen because we need to ensure the cleanliness because it is where we make our food then I will clean the indoor and outdoor part of the house. I'am happy to see that the house is clean and organized.
3. I know how to cook, Pork , Chicken and Beef dishes. I  can also cook steamed vegetables and stew.
4. My day start at 6am to prepare for their breakfast and to also prepare the kids for school. and my day ended at 11pm or 12mn depends if i need to babysit the kids in the evening. I have day off normally on a Sunday but if my employer needs me on a weekend we change my day off. Monday to Friday schedule is: preparing the breakfast, ready the lunch box of the kids for school and bring them in school. then I go back to house and do the house chores, cleaning bathroom, kitchen, rooms, clothes washing and cleaning the dishes. In the afternoon I fetch the kids at school and join them in their after class activity. Then direct go to home, Then I fix them and do the homework while I'am doing our food for dinner. I half bath the kids before going to bed. Then I fix the tables and if my host employer ask me to do something I do it first before I go to sleep.
5. I'am 5' 2 ft and 49 kgs.
6. AS a person I'am responsible, hardworking and honest. I'am very much motivated in learning new things and always looking forward to meet new people. Like what I say my personal future plan is to try other countries aside of Denmark but if not lucky I will go back again here in Philippines and build my own business. In my 30+ I hope I can have my own family and settle in Philippines.
7. As for religion, I'am Catholic and I do go to church.
8. In my spare time, I love to stay indoor or sometimes outdoor. I like reading and sometimes going out with my friends,
9. I ride bike  when I'am in college so I can still say I know how to, I will ride a bike more often as I read that some Au Pairs in Denmark ride a bike a lot. I know how to swim :)
10. I do love jogging, walking and playing badminton.
11. I do not have allergies on foods or any pets. 
Hope you know more about me , I hope I see your reply soon.

All the best,
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