Au-pair, 8100 Tagum City, Philippinen
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I take the Bachelors Degree of Hotel and Restaurant Management for 2 years. Had a certificate of housekeeping NCII which would a highly recommended for working.

I worked at bistro americano corp. which is T.G.I Fridays abreeza. I was a server. We give not just a satisfying and quality foods but also we entertain them by dancing. A warm and fun atmosphere.We dance everyday including the chiefs bartenders store managers and general manager. A high-end store and very standard. We had a "Kids and Stripes" activity for kids age 3 to 12.We taught them, being polite, responsible, obedient. I take good care of 12 kids at the morning and wait for thier parents to picked them up after our activities in the afternoon. I also like playing with Kids. We taught them to dance at the store to entertain guest and thier families. Take good care of kids was my great advantage since i like kids. I ended my Contract for 5months and extend for another 1month as a Contractual.

My second job was at vikings who cater 1800 pax a day. It was the largest buffet restaurant in the phillipines. I've been working thier good for a year. I was a Server, Back-Up,Set-Up and Birthday Singer.. Its very challenging and hard. A very crowded place to worked with but satisfying cause for i couldnt imagine that i made it. I resign when my 1year working at vikings. I known about vikings and wanted to see one at norway.We worked for more than 12 hours or more a day. Alot of workers cant make it to survived for how difficult the job is. I had a goal to worked with a hotel for it was the requirements for my cruise ship experienced.

My 3rd job was at the 3star Seda Hotel which I worked at banquet as a service associate. Worked at just 3months and ended cause for my grandmother accident.I've been staying and take good care for my grand mother for almost 11 months now. And so i decided to pursue my dreams before i regret havent trying to make it happen.

I wanted to became an au pair since i had the qualities to your needs and my bucket list to seek my goal. It gives me the oppurtunity to travel to experienced different culture, the scenery, people and environment.I seek my goal for this is my way.

I make sure you wont regret for your choice.

My name is Jervy Leuterio 26 years of age. I would like to apply as an au pair. I studied in college taking the bachelor of Science Hotel and Restaurant Management. I had an experienced in household matters. I got a Housekeeping Certificate since the time i studied and worked different types of Hotels and Restaurants.I am Honest, Trust-Worthy and Playful with Kids.
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