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Dear Family,

My name is Lealyn Salvador . 28 years old.Filipino, currently working in Hongkong as a nanny and caregiver. I actually came from Lal-lo, Cagayan Valley,northeastern part of the Philippines.

I came from a family of four which includes my father,Mr. Eduardo who is a farmer,a younger sister named Gemalyn,25,and my old grandma named Emilia , who lives with us. My mother,Leticia who died upon conception of my younger sister. It was indeed difficult to live without my mother caring and nurturing us but I am really grateful my grandmother for she had stood responsible in lieu of my deceased Mom. became a little strange because of that lost but we get on by a day to day basis supporting each other in all aspects of life.

well family My first language is Filipino,but I am fluent in English too .I started learning English in primary school and its also the language of instruction in secondary and university school I've attended. After secondary school,I enrolled Nursing in one of the medical university in the city. I have chosen this vocation because of my hears desire to deliver care holistically and with utmost efficiency.
Since I am the eldest in the family,my training in in providing care to people especially the young's and elderly started at a very early age. And I take this further when I graduated and earned my degree Bachelor of Science in Nursing and have worked in this capacity as well. It was in here I've realized what and how to be a nurse who employs compassion,understanding and patience in needs of the patients.

After passing the exam,I volunteered and worked as a Nurse in one of the medical centers in our province. As part of this job,I was required to provide direct care to every patient and eventually yield them to recover in their optimum level of functioning. After 2 years of working in my country,I decided to apply and work abroad to earn and help my family..I work in SAUDI ARABIA as a Nurse/caregiver and is frequently rotated in various areas of clinical specialties.

After finishing my 2years contract,I decided to go back in my country. I then decided to apply in Hongkong as a nanny and caregiver. As part of my job,I took care of 3 children,2 girls aged 3 and 8,and a10 years old boy..but the latter kids are not residing in the house,I only need to take care of them during weekends when they come to visit and sleep over,and when there are parties and outings as well.
Basically ,I am providing direct care to the 3 years old child because her parents were already separated e is only depending and living with her grandparents..I take her to school prepare her food,help her in bathing and changing clothes,accompany her in her tutorials and a lot more. In short,my role in her life is like a surrogate parent or an elderly sister. In the house,I also help her to do home works and activities. I also teach the 2 kids during week end in some of their activities. And for us to have enjoyable and fruitful bonding together,i organize and took part in recreational indoor and outdoor activities,we sang,dance,play games,role played,drew,painted,narrated stories,visited the public libraries,local playgrounds,animal parks, went out on picnics and parties,camping trips and I'm with them whenever they travel abroad.

After 2 years of working with them,I decided to change with another employer where my Friend is working too. In here my main duties are to take care of 2 kids ,a girl aged 3 and a boy aged 5 they are two lovely kids who always wants to go swimming,biking,hiking and playing outdoor. My current female employer wants her kids to become independent,so what I do here is to only guide,assist and teach them to do things right.

I do love cooking as well thats why I cook filipino foods for my employers and they like it much I can bake cake too like banana cake,muffins etc.
household chores is the main task so I am train to do household work
folded clothes and
organized the house.

Till here and I am looking forward for your great response family.

Best regards,

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