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being an aupair for me is not a job to be compete of along with other aupairs but a job,chance/opportunity to give my 100% best to you my dear host parents by taking care of your child/children,making you feel at ease and not to be worried because your child/children are in good hands,helping you in your everyday lives,not just by taking care of your child/children but also in taking care of your house ( doing household works like cleaning,cooking,laundry,ironing,tidying,do shopping errands and organized things properly) I will make things much easier and it's possible to do it with responsibility,hardwork and sincerity. Just for you my dear host parents while your working for your children`s future and needs, and especially gain new knowledge from your family and your culture.
Respective Host Parents,
Hi and how are you? I hope you and your children are both fine. I am Lovely Audie,but you can call me "lovely" or "audie", an organized,responsible,fun loving,sincere,open-minded and trustworthy aupair.I can do things without being told me ( like household works). Education: - Bachelor of Science in Nursing ( University ) - First-aid Training Passer (March 2015) - Basic Life Support w/ Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Passer(March 2015) - Travel and Tourism Course ( Canadian Tourism and Hospitality Institute ) - Vocational Course in Food and Beverage and Housekeeping - Housekeeping ( NCII passer )
I tried working as a Caregiver and Babysitter. I worked in Sales and Food Catering also. My hobbies are painting,sketching,dancing,singing ( eventhough singing doesn't love me :) I loved doing handicrafts, I make poems sometimes, I play piano but just a little bit now and I tried playing on a recital when I was in Grade SchooI. I cook also and I love doing it. I even join organizations that allow people to help others especially when there's a calamity. And now I'm willing to help you my dear families as an Aupair.
I prefer to work as an aupair because I love kids,the way they talk and act. But I know it`s crucial to trust someone to take good care of your child/children but it's worth it when you find someone who will love your children and treat them as a younger siblings. And if I will be given a chance, I will do it with full of heart,smile,possitive attitude,sincerity and responsibility. Being patient for me is the most needed as I experienced being a kid, I know that they're very energetic and always active. But all we have to do is 'BE PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING' ,always be there to guide and teach them.
As an aupair, I will wake them up in the morning,prepare breakfast and food for their lunchboxes,help them to get dress and go with them for school. I can prepare delicious meals/food for the whole family. I will do the laundry,tidying,ironing,cooking,do shopping errands and cleaning. I can be your children`s playmate,companion and big sister,a tutor and even read books with them at night. And for the babies, I will sing a lullaby song for them to have a better sleep and I'll make sure that I take good care of them properly. As an Aupair, I do understand that there are families living in a big city,town,or even countryside and i want you to know that it's not a big deal for me,my family and i are living before in a big city and we transferred here at a countryside. I do love pets also,and if you have pets in your home, I take good care of them because we have pets on our home ( dog named pocholo and bechay ). I can do gardening, as we lived in a countryside (province) we have a small vegetable farm where you can find vegetable plant like Tomatoes,Chili,Camote,Alugbati and Malunggay. We also have an Avocado and Papaya trees. I'll always assure you that your kids and your home will always be in good hands,do my responsibilities and duty with all my heart and best, and I wont fail you families. Thank you and have a great day.
( sorry for making it long )
Best regards,
Lovely Audie
Experience: I experienced taking care of children since i was in high school and up to now with my little cousins who were living with me,they're age range from zero months to toddler since i take care of them. And i love doing it with heart,responsibility and sincerity. I love reading books for them and play or draw. When it comes to household works,i had a lot of experience since i was a high school and started living on my own when I studied Nursing.
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