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Hi lovely host family!
I am Jay Marie Calunsag 19 y.o female from Philippines. To a host family who needed an au pair who is trusted, loving, caring, kind, easy go lucky, fun, active and energetic, just message me for more info and if you would love me being your au pair. I have lots of experience in housekeeping, cooking, and babysitting (between the ages of 5months-15y.o). I am currently 3rd yr college student taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education - General Education. I'll be available at the first week of November and so on. I want a Family whom I can trust with and make me feel that I'm part of the family. A family that is honest enough in terms of the hiring process.

Well, about myself, I am the eldest in our family. We are a family of 5, my mother, father, me, and two younger brothers. I grew up in a poor family, so therefore since I was still at the age of 9 I am the one who is doing all the household chores (cleaning, washing clothes and dishes, cooking, and many more) including taking care of my brothers. There was a time that my mother work away from us in where she only went home every weekends and my father go to work as early as 3am and went home as late as 9-11pm. I'm the one who become the mother, father and at the same time sister to my younger brothers.

Moving forward, I am really very excited about kids, most especially babies. In all of my cousins I am the eldest too, I even have uncles and aunties who is younger that me. Every time I went to my relatives house, I am the one who took care of those kids and babies and I have lots of fun being with them. In fact, I have meet kids which are not my relatives and all of them like me, well I don't know why but they just do like me. They even do such things or any actions just to call my attention, they're running when they saw me coming to say Hi and to hug me. I just think that maybe it's my nature to be with kids.

I am currently studying in Cagayan de Oro College here in Cagayan de Oro City (City of the Golden Friendship) in Mindanao. Philippines. First, I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English and because of my passion of being with kids I shifted into Bachelor of Elementary Education - General Education. Now, I am a 3rd year college. I've decided to look for a Job because as I have said I grew up in a poor family, I am a scholar student here but still we need to pay the 50% of the tuition fees and we can't afford it anymore because my younger brother is in college too. Sometimes I can't pass my assignments and projects because I don't have enough money to do those requirements. I'm crying for mercy, therefore I was so determined to work abroad to help my family and earn to continue my studies after a year or two years of working. Then if I graduated, hopefully, I would love to continue an Au Pair Job .

So about my attitude, I am energetic, fun, loving, caring, easy going, understanding. I do love to travel, have some fun and different sports, games, activities and occasions. I love decorating and planning such occasions. But as you see me I look like a silent and shy person, yes I am! But to tell you, it is just because I am adjusting maybe a week or two. It is to know my status or to identify what kind of attitude is good for everyone. I mean I am an elastic person, elastic in where I can be or I can act and treat people according to my status to them. I don't know if you get it, but what can assure you is that you will not be discourage of hiring me as an Au Pair in your lovely family.

For more questions you are free to ask me and I'll be willing to answer. I've also attached my resume below and my photos with some of the kids I took care sometimes (During my vacant​time not a legal job). Hope you will consider me as your next au pair. Thank You and God Bless!

Best Regards,

Ms.Jay Marie Calunsag
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