Au-pair, 1117 Quezon City, Philippinen
29 Jahre alt weiblich
Philippinisch nationalität
Lebt in 1117  Quezon City, Philippinen
Ich suche Arbeit als au-pair
5 jahre erfahrung in der kinderbetreuung
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Dienstag 16. Mai 2017
Donnerstag 30. Mrz 2017
Good day!

how are you?

I am Rosejena Nevado, 26 years old currently in istanbul turkey, and I want to work as your au pair/housekeeper/nanny I am happy and easy to be with. As a person, I am interested to know about good relationship. I like to help and be of service to others. I do volunteer works in our place and I teach my little cousins kiddie things like singing nursery rhymes, painting, and playing games. I have a lot of practical experience doing house chores and Baby sitting. I am clean and organize in doing my everyday work. I usually do the cleaning stuff in the place where I live. I do the grocery, cleaning and washing of floors, do the laundry, cleaning of toilet and kitchen. I can also cook healthy foods and I am interested in learning how to cook other foreign foods. I can assure you that I am used to doing any kind of house chores. I also like outdoor activities. During my free time, I go to mall and meet some friends. I also love read a lot of news and information.

We are a family of four, my father, mother and an older brother and me. We live in Quezon City, Philippines. Currently, i work here in turkey as a baby sitter, i hate saying goodbye to the family where i'm working now but before our contract expire i am looking for the next family to work for. I take my responsibility given to me seriously. In my work, I learn to be diligent and efficient in the task given to me. I am hardworking and independent woman whom you can trust. We have been raised by my good mother and I learn a lot from her. I love her very much. She teaches me to be helpful, honest, and respectful and being humble to everyone. She also taught me the value of open and kind communication. I can speak and write English and I am interested in learning new language.

I am flexible, easygoing and a happy one. I am friendly and want to meet new people. That is also the reason why I want to be an au pair/housekeeper/nanny. I love to go out and experience different culture aside from mine. I am the type of woman who knows how to work, cook and can initiate things and at the same time the one you can talk too. I'am very interested to be an au pair because its my pleasure to serve other, i really love kids and im always having fun playing with them,i want to experience how to live in other country, to experience different culture, weather, and of course a very important is to do my very best to work with my future host family.

I will be very happy to hear from you and if you are in need of an au pair/housekeeper/nanny you can trust, Hard working, and Responsible please don’t hesitate to send me a message.Thank you very much for reading my profile and take care. I am hoping to be a part of your family and I tell you it would be a happy one. 🙂

Kind regards,
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