Au-pair, 1810 Marikina Heights, Philippinen
28 Jahre alt weiblich
Philippinisch nationalität
Lebt in 1810  Marikina Heights, Philippinen
Ich suche Arbeit als au-pair
4 jahre erfahrung in der kinderbetreuung
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Samstag 06. Feb 2016
Samstag 06. Feb 2016
I am Monalisa, 23 years old and I would love to experience being an aupair. I have been to Singapore before working in a toy store so now I would love to travel to Europe and explore. I love to share my experiences to other people and know other culture that is why I want to be an aupair.

I am a graduate of Tourism.

I have a warm, friendly, nurturing character. I am a positive, flexible person who is honest, hardworking and responsible. I am independent, happy and has the sense of humor.

I was raised by my parents in a very simple living and they taught me to be more independent even in my very young age since they were busy work.

I speak fluent English and also I speak basic Nihongo and spanish languange since I have been taking this two languages during my college days. I am looking forward to learn Danish language too and I am very interested to learn and experience Danish culture if given an opportunity.

House cleaning:

I was raised by my parents in a very simple living and they taught me to be more independent even in my very young age since they were busy working in the farm. Sometimes my mom helped my father in the farm that is why when I was 9 years old, they taught me how to cook and washed my own clothes and other household chores like dusting and making beds.

As I grew up they taught me more like washing dishes, ironing and cleaning the whole house (kitchen and bathroom) So I can say I am definitely good in doing household chores.


I love to try new dishes and experiment. As I grew up my parents taught me slowly how to cook simple dishes to difficult ones so I can be independent and live on my own. When I was in Singapore I have the opportunity to try new dishes and learn some of it. I would say that my cooking is very good and it would be a pleasure to cook for your family.

Experience with kids:

I love to think creative games and activities to keep the kids happy; I was assigned before in my previous job at Jollibee in a kid’s party, so I have knowledge on how to handle kids even if the kid is not in a good mood. I have helped my parents look after my youngest brother since birth and sometimes helped my aunt to babysit my cousins before when I was in high school especially during weekend or during holiday.

To have a youngest brother, that's a blessing for us, because we know how to take good care of him while my parents are both busy.

I have taken care of Rudelyn Naba Costan- 3 yrs old and Eugine Naba Costan- 2 years old for almost 4 years since they were born.

I have taken care also of my brother Monrean Galgo from 3 months to 7 yrs old.

I love kids, I love playing with them

When it comes to leisure, I take pleasure in very simple things in life;
- I love playing chess since this is one of our sibling bonds during my teenage
- I love reading books, surfing the net,
- I love outdoor activities, I love to travel and see the amazing things that GOD created.
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