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Dear Host Family, I am Prashansa Subedi Chettri. I am 20 years old and I am a Nepali. I am a young, enthusiastic,happy, independent girl. It's been few years I have been working In my own. Currently I work as a barista (coffee making) and waitress in a restaurant. I have a family of five including my pet dog (Pepsi). My father works in a consultancy as a counsellor. My mother runs her own dental clinic. I have one elder sister who is 2 years older to me. She was an au pair in Finland before and according to all her experience and journey she also suggested me to take a break and be an au pair. Since we share the same love for children I found Au pair an interesting and exciting Idea. Since the beginning my parents sent me and my sister to a Montessori Preschool which helped me a lot with my English and then I studied in one of the best school here in Nepal. So in all this I am very good at English. I completed my grade 10(SEE) which is a very important examination in Nepal with a grade A. Then for my grade 11/12 I did my Cambridge A Levels in Management but could not complete and end my semester due to some circumstances. I decided to take a break and do something I love and that makes me happy. Since my parents both have a very large family and I have a lot of younger cousins. I have around 12 younger cousins and I have spent much time with these kids. Their age is around 8months-12 years. So whenever their parents have to rush out for work I am the first person they reach out to take care of their kids and I absolutely love to be with them and to spend a quality time with them. So seeing them grow with my eyes and playing with them made me realize that I have a special place for kids. Being around them I learnt what sharing and caring is all about. One of the best thing kids taught me was their honesty and their loving nature with eyes full of smile. I have a very strong bond with my younger cousins . I often visit them. And as I also worked as a teacher at my maternal unlce's school in Lamjung, Nepal for 3 months. I guided them with English,Arts and Moral Science and all the time I spent with them was meaningful .And I love the fact that kids are also fond of me. Since I mentioned above that my sister was an Au pair in Finland I was inspired by her journey and I love being around kids and I wanted to do something which makes me happy so I decided to be an au pair. So in this journey I will get to explore a new country and a new family. There is a lot we can exchange be it culture,love and respect. If there is love,trust and respect from both the sides it will be a lifetime bond. I can assure you that I come from a family where my parents always taught me good moral values and to take care and respect people around me. Growing up with all these amazing members of my family has transitioned me into a beautiful person from within who sees life as a journey and people as a beautiful being. According to my parents they say that I was very fond of extra curricular activities be it singing, dancing, football, basketball and still I have that same love and respect for these things. Usually in my free time I will be found with any of these activities. I like to utilize my free time cooking or even watching a good movie. Be it indoor or outdoor games I am always excited and in for it. I have always y the responsible kid. My mother always taught me to become an independent , confident and ambitious woman like she is today. In this way till my stay with the family I assure to give my best to adapt in your family and be committed to my work from day 1 . I will do all the required necessities for my younger brother/sister and be their elder sister. I will help them with their homework, English,extra curricular and every other things that is required. I will understand the situation and follow your house rules and make it easy for all the family members. I will cooperate from my side. Instead of ignoring conversation if there is something , I will always opt to sit down and start a conversation and sort it out. All in one, I will commit to my work sincerely and be a loving, caring big sister to your child. I will assure you that you will be proud of having me there and will make this journey a lifetime bond. Sincerely your au pair Prashansa Subedi Chettri
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