Au-pair, Kolumbien
26 Jahre alt weiblich
Kolumbianisch nationalität
Lebt in Kolumbien
Ich suche Arbeit als au-pair
3 jahre erfahrung in der kinderbetreuung
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Dienstag 23. Mrz 2021
Mittwoch 24. Feb 2021
Hi, Dear host family!! It is a pleasure to introduce myself to you.
I am Alejandra and I hope to be your next Au Pair !!
I live in Barranquilla, a sunny and windy city from Colombia.
Furthermore, I would like to talk about my professional background, I hold a Bachelor degree in Psychology obtained in 2017. I am 26 years old and one of the reasons I studied psychology is because I love to understand the behavior of human beings and how as humans we develop throughout our life. I want to be an Au Pair because I really enjoy sharing my life with kids. I think that it is a great opportunity to learn more about kids that grows in wonderful conditions and I will be able to contribute in his or her development. I am very positive that this aspect of myself vocational and I can contribute to them my professional and personal experience to make them laugh, think, play and enjoy their young lives.
After I graduated, my first experience as a professional was working with children from different ages. My experience began in an elementary school, I worked as a 4th grade teacher, it was such an incredible and enriching experience because I have learned lots of activities, teaching methodologies, children behavior, and overall, this immersion allowed me to comprehend better children’s world.
After this period of my professional life, I started working as a teaching assistant in a daycare with children from 18 months to 3 years. Some of my duties were to receive the children when their parents drop them at the daycare, change their diapers, change their clothes, feed them, and throughout games and playful activities I used to teaching them the colors, numbers, names, cities and much more with a constructivist methodology, in this way was easier for them to acknowledge their world. For me, one of the most important activities with them was to express them love and play joyfully with them. I always did it with so much pleasure.
I was working as a social psychologist for the ICBF (is a government institution that seeks the wellbeing of children in poverty conditions). My role as a psychologist is to provide mental support to many families that are struggling with different issues and overall guiding these families through the path of education. Furthermore, I hold a diploma in first aid with an emphasis on early childhood plus a diploma in healthy children eating.
Finally, I have volunteered in a foundation that helps children with disabilities to develop and improve their physical skills called Sin limites a la inlcuision

I am an outgoing, responsible, organize, kind, educated, patient, and empathetic girl. I love to do outdoor sports such a run and freestyle gym routines. In addition, I love to spend time with my family and friends. I have adopted two dogs and two cats which I deeply love, I considered myself an animal lover. In fact, I have volunteered in an animal shelter for many years. Since I was a little child my parents perceive in me the huge maternal attraction that I have for animals and children. I will have the opportunity to be immerse in an incredible culture with so many good things to learn, improve my language skills, and finally direct my future path since I want to do my masters in pedagogy.
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