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Freitag 26. Mrz 2021
Freitag 26. Mrz 2021
Dear Host Family, my name is Ana Clara, I am a young Brazilian girl (19) fascinated to learn about new cultures and customs, and I saw here the opportunity to do this and still help others around the world with something that I love to do and that I have experience, which are the care of children, in Brazil i worked as nanny in a home with one little girl (I accompanied her as a nanny for 3 years, today she is 4 years old), after that i already had the experience of taking care of a kindergarten / daycare group but it was only 2 months, i didn't even have a labor contract, i had to interrupt it because i wasn't Consiliating the routine with my studies, soon after my little sister was born and I am practically her nanny, my mother works and I am the one who has taken care of her since she was born, today she is already 2 years old, i also have experience with older children because i have a science project in college focused on child learning.
I consider myself well prepared to help you with your kids and I am willing to contribute with my skills (I have a course in first aid and I am a good swimmer, I took classes for 3 years) and my brief experience for your family, the main ingredient to take care of a child in my opinion I already have, which is love.
I believe that kids are the best way to develop a new language or culture because they are so open to the world, the possibilities and this is incredible for me. I am a very honest, loving, responsible and flexible person and I like working with kids and building a relationship with them. I always try to understand the children a lot, I study a little kids psychology to help me in this process.
Helping in the creation of a child is not easy and there are several obstacles but together with the family I intend to make this growth journey more fun and productive for both sides, I hope you enjoyed my profile and thank you for taking the time to read a little more about me.

About my personality I am a very creative and lively person, always looking for new experiences, like this, I always try to solve problems before I despair, I am very controlled in situations that depend on it, I can even be rigid at times because I like it things done correctly, I am very cheerful and affectionate, especially with children because they need to grow up with love and affection and i am very communicative, I always try to solve my problems through dialogues.
I love going to the theater/cinema, reading books (If you see me concentrating on my cell phone it’s for sure because I’m reading, I don’t usually use a lot of social networks), listening to music and watching TV shows on Netflix. Another thing that I really enjoy is traveling and meeting new people, new cultures. I'm very communicative and it opens doors for me sometimes, I'm always smiling or at least trying. I like to meditate and keep my mind healthy, I like to be in contact with nature too despite being a city girl, but Rio de Janeiro is the perfect mix between nature and the city, which keeps me in balance.
I am very active, I am always dancing and going to theater groups, I sometimes participate in voluntary actions also in costume of some character to go to hospitals or in needy communities to bring them a little joy.

I come from a big traditional Brazilian family, I have 1 older sister, 1 younger brother and 1 little sister of 2 years old now, which already gives me some experience with babies too, I help to raise her. My parents are divorced and I live with my maternal grandmother and my 2 sibilings, but I have a healthy relationship with my father and mother, I just decided to live with my maternal grandmother to have more time with her and help her with what it takes.

I am a pharmacy student here in Brazil but it is not what I really want for myself, so I am looking for an opportunity here to change my future, although I really like the pharmaceutical area, this is not my real dream.
I was always very independent and looked for the things I wanted, so I already worked, I still work, all informal services because of my age but legalized, today I have an extension project in the pharmacy area at my school, which generates me a small income.

My mother language is Portuguese. For me, learning / fluency in a language is a continuous exercise, I learn every day, even Portuguese.
I have English considered intermediate, I understand much better than I speak, I learned everything myself because here in Brazil the teaching of languages ​​is not very democratic. I am currently studying Spanish and French too but I am still quite a beginner, but as they are native latin languages ​​like Portuguese I understand some things, much more in Spanish, I also write better in spanish.
Improving my knowledge in other languages ​​is also a strong reason why I want to be an au pair. Even start a new language, like german for example.

My biggest motivation for the au pair program is to have the experience of living outside of Brazil, dealing with other cultures and a new languages.
The last year has been difficult for everyone and it was no different for me so I wanted to change the environment a little, meet new people and deal with other cultures.

PS.: Everything under the recommended care about the corona virus.

The prospect of being a live nanny is my first choice of job, because of my experience and because I think I can still make good changes and connections while I am in a family environment, I hope that I will find a family with ideals similar to mine, that are honest and clear with their intentions. May I live an incredible experience with good people.

I hope to have the chance to talk to you on Skype!!
280 - 500 EUR pro monat
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