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If you are looking for a responsible, reliable, intelligent au pair to join your family, look no further! I hope to find a lovely host family that is willing to open their home to a kind, warm-hearted woman with a positive attitude and a willingness to share her culture and to learn more about yours.

My name is Tamires, I am 26 years old and from Brazil. I live in the city of Atibaia near Sao Paulo with my parents, my younger sister and our dog Ginger.

I visited Copenhagen last year and I immediately felt at home in Denmark. I would love the opportunity to fully experience the Danish culture and atmosphere and to be part of a society that appreciates the same values that I do.

I hope you will take the time to read my full profile. If you have any questions, please ask.

I consider myself a reliable and responsible adult. During the fall of 2014 I was a teacher at a school in Sao Paulo where I taught Visual Merchandising to a class of 30 teenagers (4 days a week for 12 weeks). I needed to be organized and prepare well every day for such a task. This was a challenging but also a very rewarding experience to see these young people learn and develop their skills.

At home, I am organized and clean. While studying at university, I lived alone for 5 years and I cooked and cleaned and did everything myself. It was important for me to keep my apartment tidy because I find a messy room distracting when I work or study. And I hate a messy kitchen or bathroom! I like to cook and experiment with new dishes. My signature dish that I often cook for my family is salmon with mushrooms and sweet potato gnocchi filled with cheese. I would love to cook it for your family too!

My experience with children includes taking care of my younger sister since I was old enough to be left home alone with her, babysitting on weekends to complement my income during my university years and volunteering on Saturday mornings at the local church in Atibaia where I would play games with children of different ages and organize activities to develop creativity. Also, I want to have children of my own someday and to be part of a family with a background different from my own will help prepare me for this experience.

I am outgoing and like to have an active social life, but I am no longer 18 years old, so I do not go out to drink or party very often. My sister says I am a 72 year old woman in a 27 year old body! :-) I think it is important to keep fit to keep a healthy body and mind, so in my free time I like to run or exercise or go hiking in the hills near our city (I am going to miss those hills in flat Denmark!) At night I like to meet a few friends for a nice meal or relax at home with a movie.

I try to start every day with a smile on my face, because I believe in transmitting positive energy into the world. In addition to improving the mood of people around me, it also helps me keep a constructive mindset when faced with professional or personal challenges during my day.

I should also mention that I am an experienced driver and I am used to the Sao Paulo rush hour so traffic in Denmark will not scare me :-)

My ambition in life is return to my studies maybe in a year or two. I have a bachelor degree in Architecture and I would like to continue my studies in a year or two. I am a creative person at heart and would like to complement my Architecture degree.

There are several reasons that I want to be an au pair.

I want to expand my horizon by living abroad and getting to know a different culture. I think that being part of a local family and sharing the everyday life is a great way to do this.

I wish to have a different life experience that I could not get staying in Brazil. I am not sure that my future is in Brazil where there are uncertain job opportunities and a lower quality of life and security.

I love learning languages and would cherish the opportunity to study Danish and further improve my English. And I will be happy to teach your family some Portuguese!

The world is too big and interesting to stay in one place your whole life!

Thank you for reading my profile. I hope you will consider me to be a part of your family.
I am available for a Skype interview or more than one if you so wish.

Best wishes,
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