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Samstag 01. Mai 2021
Samstag 17. Apr 2021
Dear future Host Family,

My name is Ana, and I'm a future Aupair!

I've always wanted to have an International experience, be more confident in English, and know how it is like to live in an American family. The Aupair program is the perfect opportunity for me to do it!

I've always loved kids. I'm that cousin who always sits at the kid's table so the grown-ups can have a break. And if I'm honest, I love that!

I love to sit on the ground with them and be a part of any play they are doing, going to parks and taking my dog for a walk with them, and also to make them part of anything else I'm doing, like baking or reading.

I always try to be like a "big sister" for them. Someone they can trust and ask for help, someone who will have fun with them, and someone who will teach and be active in their education and development.

I also did some tutoring, mostly in English and writing. I did that to help in my college expenses and to help my cousins last year with remote learning.

To be able to do all that, I have to be loving, patient, and communicative. Being fun and active always come in handy too!

My hobbies being reading, swimming, playing with my dogs, cooking, and baking. I love to try on new recipes!

I would be a great addition to your family for many reasons. First of all, because I love children and take care of them.

Second, I know how to be a responsible adult since I've lived by myself for almost 3 years, and this could be a lot of help to you!

I don't mind going above and beyond if you also do the same for me. I believe reciprocity is fundamental in any kind of relationship.

With me, your kids will always be happy, safe, up to date with their homework, slowly learning how to be independent and with their bellies full.

I'm available ASAP!

- My personality -

I'm a very easy-going, communicative, and friendly person. I can make friends easily and make people laugh!
But I also know the time to be "serious", I'm great with advice and understanding people's struggles.
I can also say I'm very independent. I travel alone since I was 15, went to live by myself at 17. I might be kinda young, but I experienced a lot of difficulties and managed to pass them very well!

- My experience with kids -

I've always been taking care of kids. If it's during family gatherings, playing with my cousins, or watching them during Sunday practice at church. I also babysat and tutored too.
Since I was 13, I stayed with children around 3-5 and 7-9 during church practices and events.
When I went away for college, I babysat to help with my expenses. I stayed with 4y triplets (2 boys and a girl) and their older brother 7y. I also did a lot of overnights for a family with a 6y boy and a 2y little girl.
With family and friends, I also have a lot of stories to tell. I have two little cousins (5 and 11) whom I help with tutoring and babysitting weekly for years. I also stay a lot with many friend's daughters, taking them to activities, teaching them how to cook, playing, etc.!
I like a lot to be around them, to be a part of their happiness at that moment, and to enter the amazing new world they create!

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