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Donnerstag 23. Nov 2017
Dienstag 05. Jan 2016
My name is Mayra and I’m 24 years old, I am nursing student, I live in Parauapebas, a medium city in Pará state, in Brazil, which has a little bit more than 200 thousand inhabitants; It is known as the iron ore capital, but I study in another city, I won a scholarship and went to study in Belo Horizonte.

I live with my mother, Ana Ligia she’s 42 years old, lovely and friendly she she is head chef My father is 41 years old, and he’s a foreman, he is a very funny man, companion and very responsible. I’m very connected with my family.

my mother do many things together every weekend. I talk to my father every day because he lives in other citya My parents are separated since I was 15 this is not problem for me, I get along well with them.

My mother is very friendly with my decision to be Au Pair My family is very supporting about my trip to the U.E as they know it’s going to be very important for my life, it’s very good to have an experience in another country.
In this way, I can grow more as an independent person, improve my English and learn about your marvelous culture! I had a very beautiful childhood, I had the opportunity of playing a lot with my cousins and friends on the streets and parks of the city because it was very safe and calm here.

We used to play hide and seek, jump ropes, games with ball and ride bikes. I loved playing with them and that is the time I miss the most in my life. Besides that, my parents used to take me to different places, like different cities and entertainment parks.
I always got along well with other children and nowadays, I still like a lot to play with kids.
My friends have little children and I love to stay with them. When I’m with the kids, I play with them hide and seek, games with ball, read a story, watch cartoons, swim, drive them to the parks and I take care of them as they were my own children. I usually spend my free time reading books, studying languages (that I love, I'm also learn French), going to the swimming pool, riding a bike or walking, and on my weekends, I visit friends, go to the cinema to watch good films that I love such as comedies, drama, adventure and children’s films.

I love to stay at home with my mom and talk, cook together, watch television, films and TV series. I would describe myself as an open-minded, patient and outgoing person, my family and friends say that I´m very funny.
I also appreciate cooking, sing and dance. I love to travel, no matter the place, I always enjoy the trip! In 2013, I started one of the best experiences of my life. I took care of a lot of children in a day-care institute and a kindergarten.
It was an incredible experience and I have learned a lot.

The children in the day-care were 1-5 years old and they were from very poor families of my city Parauapebas, there I used to do their hygiene, change diapers (babies), help them in the bathroom, play with them, and after all those things, I feed them and put them to sleep.

They were very amorous and polite, I loved to wake up early and go to my work, it was very compensator. In the kindergarten the children were 3-7 years old in one area and in the school area they started to be literate (6-7 years) and I helped them with the first books, reading, drawing, painting and writing their first words, it was amazing! We used to read together, play some creative games and create plays/theatres about we read. In the nursery area (0-3 years old) I used to take care of babies, change diapers, feed with baby’s botlle and play with them. My bestfriend Ercilia , has 2 pretty kids Akiles and Achila I had an experience with Akiles when he was only 6 months. I used to change his diapers, put to sleep, feed with baby’s bottle, tell him stories and play to stimulate his motor coordination.

Achila, was 1 year and a half old when I took care of him, and he is very energetic, he plays a lot with me and always stayed near me. I enjoyed a lot to take care of them and I felt so good with their love and friendship.
I have decided to be an Au Pair because I hope this experience can help to improve my English skills and living, or learn a new language working and studying in U.E would be great for my future career.
I also would like to travel abroad and know more about European way of life, about the European culture and share experience with you.

I think that would be fascinating to get to know about other country and culture while working, studying and living there. I want to do my best work and I would take care of your children as they were my own children.
I want to give them all my care and knowledge and I would do it lovely and carefully.

Now I’m excited waiting for your contact, so then you can make my dream come true.
I want to meet different places and a different way of life in your family, which will make part of my life and it will be unforgettable! Certainly we have a lot of good ideas and experiences to change.
Hope to hear from you soon!
Thank you!
Best regards
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