Au-pair, 3450 Allerød, Dänemark
28 Jahre alt weiblich
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My name is Celina, I'm currently living in Copenhagen, I'm looking for a host family. Over the last year recently visited the countries Denmark, Sweden, and Holland this last January. It was my first time visiting Europe and I fell in love with it. I fell in love with the people, the art, the architecture, the land, the food. I learned so much while on my visit, I then decided I have to do something to come back, Europe has my heart. I’m 22 years old, I recently lived in Santa Rosa, Ca, USA. I’m really close to my family, I have one younger sibling. My parents are still married, and my grandfather lives at home with them, along with my younger brother. I graduated high school early and started working at 16. I started working at a day care and took care of children, babysitting from time to time as well. Later on, I took classes and did a nursing program and received my certification as a nurse assistant. I worked very hard in the medical field for quite some time. After that, continuing my education, I attended a makeup academy and got my certification as a makeup artist. In my spare time, I run my own little business doing make up for weddings and parties, and photo shoots. Those are just a few of my interests; I really enjoy sketching, dancing, and yoga.
Most of all, my greatest passion is travel. I love exploring the world and getting to learn and to try new things. Photography is also another one of my hobbies, and cooking, I love to cook! I make a great American breakfast. I really enjoy writing and teaching, and getting to know new people. My friends would describe me as sociable, and very enthusiastic, I love to tell jokes and having a good time. I really like hiking, and exploring.
When my stay as an Au pair has come to its completion, I would love to continue working as an Au Pair elsewhere, and look for more opportunities.
I've lived a lot of places in America and nothing compares to Denmark.

In my back round work ethics, I studied to be a nurse assistant, and A nanny. I love both working with children, and the elderly. I'm a big people person, and have been in this area of work for a long time, I would love the opportunity to work for a family, to broaden my work experience in a new setting. My English is quite well, it was my first language, I would love to be able to teach little children to speak it better as well. As for learning different languages, I have been practicing the danish language, and though I do not speak it fluently yet I am willing to learn. I’d welcome the chance to meet with you and talk more about my qualities and skills which will be beneficial to the children or elderly ones under my supervision.I have had the pleasure of working with children and families for 9 years now. I have been a nanny for over 1 year, mainly for children 2 months to 7years old.
Before I was a nanny, I worked as an CNA in Assisted living facility for the elderly, Caring for 17-20 residents. I've been a caregiver and CNA for three years. I've taken care of children, infants, and older ones of all ages. I have studied in Early Child Education with a focus on Infant/Toddler Development, as well psychology, and child psychology.
- Cared for children (some with special needs) between the ages of 3 months - 10 years old - Planned outings with a focus on healthy physical activity and education - Facilitated creative play while promoting social development - Prepared nutritious meals and snacks, and carried out housekeeping duties. I would love to work specifically in Denmark, but I'm interested in working in other countries as well. If I got a opportunity to work with a family, My ideal time frame would be to 6 months to a year.
During the time in between, I can be reached through aufini.com. Thank you for your consideration.
Celina Anne Woodall
900 - 1.000 DKK pro woche
Nicht bevorzugt
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